Sylvie Winn

I have been involved with Cardiff Cycle Workshop for a number of years now. First as a volunteer mechanic and more recently as an Instructor. Naturally, I have acquired a couple of recycled bikes in that time! The favourite being a Dawes Galaxy which I use when I go cycle touring. 


Chris Lord

Previous Next Biography My name is Chris and I am one of the mechanics at CCW. Away from the workshop I like to spend my free time outside climbing and riding my bike exploring the Welsh landscape.  I also run my own, bespoke frame-building company, Lord Cycles. Find us online at Meet another Expert […]


Maz Shaw

At around 6 I started fixing punctures for friends in our south London cul-de-sac. This was often in return for a go on their bike as I didn’t have my own at that point. I always had a knack for taking things apart and (more importantly) popping them back together to solve this or that […]


Andrew Burns

I’m a keen cyclist of many years and with a background of working in Community Development- particularly health-related projects. I co-founded the workshop over 10 years ago and since then have taken a lead in our community outreach work and in particular working with young people. I have too many bikes to mention – most […]


I started cycling after coming out of hospital at age 8yrs old having spent 3yrs there with problems with my hips. This was the start of many adventures! As a cyclist I really took to touring; riding around England and Wales,  across France to Montpellier and around Brittany. Flying the bike out to Portugal and […]


Jon Howes

Previous Next Biography As coordinator of Cardiff Cycle Workshop since we began in 2010 I have gained experience of many different bikes, as well as qualifying as a Velotech Platinum and Cytech Level 3 technician along the way. I have been obsessed with bikes since I was a kid, when my Grandfather used to take […]


Alex Rich

Having appreciated the wonders of a bicycle from an early age. Fuelled by frustration with the evil stabilisers (aged five) led to the use of skills gained from Meccano assembly. The bicycle continues to punctuate various aspects of life. With a soft spot for wandering afloat or on two wheels, over the past five years […]


Nic Pow

I’ve been involved in the cycling industry for well over ten years, working as a repair technician, Velotech trainer, instructor, coach, and ride leader. I ride road and mountain bikes as well as commuting by bike most days, but I’m happiest when I’m out adventuring and exploring on my drop bar, gravel-adventure bike. I also […]

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