It’s hot!

Whilst Cardiff has not been quite as hot as the rest of the UK, temperatures are still unusually high. Some will love it, some will hate it, but however you feel about it, the heat does offer different challenges to the ones cyclists in Wales are used to. (ie keeping dry!) Rather than tell you to stay indoors and not go out at all, I have canvassed the team for their favourite methods of keeping cool whilst riding, which I’d like to share with you. 

Relevant for any riders; sportspeople, commuters, bikepackers, MTB’ers or just for fun, we hope you find them useful. 

Andrew: “Go early or late to miss the really hot temperatures. I must say I’ve never been on a 5am ride and regretted it!”

Nic: ” I like to soak a cotton cycling cap in cold water before I go out and then refresh it periodically during the ride. Works a treat!”

Alex:  “Try to keep the airflow going. Choose traffic free routes and ride with anticipation so you can keep coming to standstill to a minimum.”

Chris: ” Ride to swimming spot and go for a dip!”

Jon: “Put your water bottle(s) in the freezer for a couple of hours before you go. Good to drink or for squirting down the back of your neck!”

Got tips of your own? Leave them in the comments!




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“Came away a lot more confident with attempting to build a wheel. The course was run in a relaxed manner and no question was too much for Jon to answer. Look forward to my next course.”

Gordon Broomfield

“Excellent quality and speed of service, very well priced too. Top notch.”

Chris Shorrock

“Sustainability has worked with CTW successfully for a number of years, with sessions every month on Campus. They provide bike servicing for staff, students and the local community as part of our free Repair Café events. It’s a service to all to promote sustainable cycle travelling to Campus and the benefits of repair. They are so knowledgeable and as well as fixing on site they provide great friendly honest advice.”

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- Cardiff Met University

Cardiff Met University

I’d just like to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to the boys and girls at Cardiff Cycle workshop. They’ve done absolute wonders for my bike over the years! It’s was an old heavy Peugeot which I bought from new in about 1990. Although I used it regularly, it was getting too heavy for me, so the team changed the wheels for ones that were much lighter; put some super duper tyres on them, and on top of that, replaced the old hard saddle for a brand new very comfortable one. I make sure that I get my bike serviced regularly with them too. Such a friendly bunch too-always time for a chat. There is nothing they don’t know about bikes. Highly recommended!

Sara McGaughey

“Fab loved both Level 1 and 2 courses. I have come away feeling confident I can fix my bike. Thank you guys”

Cath Rowlands

“I have now completed 2 courses at this venue and found the instructors  knowledge and delivery excellent. The workshop is well equipped and has a friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended.”

Mark Palmer

“We visited today and picked a bike for my 6 year-old. He got to try it out and you fixed the brakes as they were a bit squeaky! Very covid safe! Excellent bike and my boy loves it. Great it has a 3-month warranty too!”

Tegan Partner

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